Tuesday, September 11, 2007

er kuai / er si

I think I've found KM's equivalent of the Beijing jian bing (and by equivalent I just mean something that I can like as much and costs ten cents for someone to make for me on the street). They take a white sheet of glutinous something (about the size of a piece of paper. it's made from rice flour), and then they put it on the grill. Then they smear it with hot sauce, sweet-salty sauces, various small pickled vegetables, and fold a long deep fried donut into it. Er kuai. it's everything you would want a clogged artery for. I told host mom that I had eaten one - and apparently it's one of the regions street-food specialties - and so then then next day she made me breakfast out of er si, which is shreds of the white rice wrap thing, cooked and then served in milk. colorless breakfast.

she also gave me a moon cake (fall festival fast approaching!) made directly in the cigarette factory (?) near where we live. The moon cake had a dried egg yolk in the middle that was surprisingly saltily crisp and a nice complement to the overly sweet and gummy rest-of-the filling.

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